West Parkland Gas Co-op

How to measure gas line

  • Dig trench 2 feet deep from Meter Set to Destination, measure through the Trench from Wall to Wall.

Can other lines be installed in the same trench?

  • Power or phone lines may be installed in the trench as long as there is 1 foot of fill between gas and other lines. It does not matter which line is below or above; power is preferred to be deepest one in trench. If lines are placed side-by-side, they must be 1 foot apart.

What size of pipe?

  • Size of pipe depends on distance and the amount of BTU’s (size of furnace or any other gas appliances installed in the building).


  • Permits are taken out by the person who is installing the pipe. That person may be the homeowner or gas fitter, or an installer from your utility company.

How to install secondary

  • Make sure riser is approximately 2 feet from right of meter.
  • Leave 1 foot of the riser to stick out above the ground; the trench should be 2 feet deep.
  • Tracer-wire is laid or taped alongside riser and PE pipe.
  • When backfilling trench, make sure risers are straight and 5 inches from the wall.
  • When piping into meter set, please phone West Parkland Gas Co-op to install.