West Parkland Gas Co-op

West Parkland Gas

A monthly bill is sent to all members / customers, based on their previous month's natural gas consumption and other applicable service charges.


Customers have the choice of paying by automatic withdrawal, telephone banking, web banking, Canada Post or directly at the Co-op’s office.  West Parkland accepts checks, debit and / or credit cards as a method of payment.


Equalized Billing

All members and customers of West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd. have the option of “Equalized Billing.” The monthly natural gas consumption is based on the sum of the previous year's annual consumption, plus the fixed rate, divided by twelve.


Consumers who are not on equalized billing shall forward to the Co-op office, payment in full on or before the due date shown on the gas bill or a penalty shall be levied.


Equalized payment customers shall submit payment on or before billing due date or may be removed from equalized billing.


West Parkland Gas Co-op Ltd. Authorized Payment Withdrawal Plan.

Automatic withdrawal may offer you a convenient method of paying your gas bills. If you are interested in having your payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account please click on the following link:

Pre-authorized Payment Application



Billing For Service Work

Service work performed for Co-op members will be charged to the member on their regular monthly gas bill.  Normal collection procedures will apply.